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Ancient Greek Gold Plated Silver Coin Pendant-Alexander the Great-ANGSPE 49
April 26, 2021
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Greek Key gold earrings-Meander earrings-Greek gold Jewelry-GKEA 04
May 20, 2021
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Ancient Greek Gold Plated Silver Coin Pendant-Philip II Macedon coin-ANGSPE 57


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Product Code ANGSPE 57
Product Type Silver Coin Pendant
Metal Type Gold-Plated Sterling Silver 925 – Approx. 12.8 gr.
Dimensions 23 mm. – 0.90 in.
In Stock This item is ready for shipment.
The coin is available in both 14 and 18k gold, require time (5-7 days) to be made.
Additional information

Bright Finish, Oxidized Finish, Yellow-Gold plated, Gold 14K

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