Apollo-Helios God silver coin, Greek jewelry shop, Ancient Greek silver coin pendant. Greek Gold Jewelry, Ancient, Apollo-Helios God
Ancient silver coin pendant-Apollo-Helios God of the sun and light
April 11, 2019
Ancient Greek silver coin, Apollo-Helios Sun God & light -Rhodes island Ancient silver coin, Greek Gold Jewelry,, Greek jewelry shop
Ancient silver coin pendant-Apollo-Helios Sun God & light-Rhodes coin
April 13, 2019
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Ancient Greek Silver Coin-Goddess Athena, Athens Tetradrachm


Goddess Athena coin, Tetradrachm silver coin minted between 460-450 BC. The obverse shows the head of Goddess Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom, the protector of Athens city and the reverse shows the winged goddess Nike “victory”

  • Ancient Greek Silver Coin-Goddess Athena, Athens Tetradrachm
Product Code ANSCO 106
Product Type Silver Coin
Metal Type Solid Sterling Silver
Dimensions 2.2 cm. 0.86 in.
In Stock This item may require time (7-10 days) to be made.

The coin is available in both 14 and 18k gold. Price on request.

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