Greek Key gold bracelet-Meander bracelet-Greek gold Jewelry-GKBR 505
April 1, 2017
Greek key ring, Meander ring, Greek Key jewelry 14K gold rings, Greek key rings designs, 14Κ, 18Κ gold rings, Greek gold com, Greek key rings collection GKRI 117
Greek Key ring-Meander ring-Greek Jewelry-14K Gold ring-GKRI 117
April 5, 2017
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Greek Key ring-Meander gold ring-Greek gold Jewelry-14K-GKRI 143


The Greek Key jewelry or Meander jewellery symbolizes eternal life, love and friendship. It is the Greek key to eternity. Greekgold, Greek jewelry shop.


Greek key rings. Look at our collection of Greek Key rings, Greek key gold rings, Meander rings, Greek key rings designs. Specialists in Greek key jewelry

Product Code GKRI 143
Product Type Gold Ring
Metal Type & Stones 14k Yellow Gold
Weight Approx. 2.0 gr
In Stock This item may require time (5-7 days) to be made.
Additional information
Ring Size

US 10/ mm 62/ GB T-1/2, US 4.5/ mm 48/ GB I, US 4/ mm 47/ GB H, US 5.5/ mm 50/ GB K, US 5/ mm 49/ GB J-1/2, US 6.5/ mm 53/ GB M-1/2, US 6/ mm 52/ GB L-1/2, US 7.5/ mm 55/ GB O-1/2, US 7/ mm 54/ GB N-1/2, US 8.5/ mm 58/ GB Q-1/2, US 8/ mm 57/ GB P-1/2, US 9.5/ mm 61/ GB S-1/2, US 9/ mm 59/ GB R-1/2

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